Dr. Janice Chik Breidenbach

The Philosophy of Motherhood

The Philosophy of Motherhood

Join Dr. Janice Chik Breidenbach in a profound exploration of motherhood, gaining unique insights into human nature and existence. Discover the evolving societal perceptions of motherhood and unravel its mysteries. Drawing from philosophical wisdom, Dr. Breidenbach will guide you in recognizing the beauty and significance of ordinary moments and how motherhood leads us to God. Explore how motherhood shapes our understanding of ourselves, others, and the world.

Embark on a remarkable journey to gain invaluable insight into the importance of motherhood as a gateway to understanding our place in God’s plan.

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Dr. Janice Chik Breidenbach is an associate professor of philosophy at Ave Maria University with research affiliations at Oxford and UPenn. She is working on a book entitled “How Many We Are: Assembly Among the Expressive Freedoms” and has published numerous articles on the topic. Dr. Breidenbach teaches and speaks on logic, metaphysics, aesthetics, ethics, human action, and the philosophy of motherhood. She holds degrees in philosophy, public policy, and music performance. Outside of work, Dr. Breidenbach enjoys homemaking, wine tasting, and playing music for her son, Paul Thomas.